We care about your property and our staff

Pikeman Cleaning South East offers a wide range of external cleaning services and

treatment plans to help rejuvenate your property. Whether you are just looking

to spruce up your property, increase the value and make it more aesthetically

pleasing or whether it is just an upkeep and maintenance service you require,

we can offer a service that right for you! Below are some of the services which

we offer. We are happy to customise any service to fit your needs.


• Softwashing & Biocide / Render Cleaning / Patio & Driveway Cleaning


The Irish climate is the perfect blend of moisture and warmth for Algae,

various types of Lichen and on moss to thrive. Unfortunately, this leaves a

dirty and unsightly appearance as well as can also have damaging effects of

your home and surrounding property. We have various ways of treating these

effected areas depending on your needs, one of the best ways is by a method

called Softwashing.

What is Soft Washing?

Using specialised softwash systems we treat and control unsightly red, black, yellow and

green staining on your walls, roof, driveway, fences, sheds, decking, paths and patio.

Our non-aggressive and environmentally responsible softwash products – combined

with safe application systems – will make your property look great again, the way you

like it to look.


By treating the root cause of the unsightly staining, the results of our soft wash

treatment systems last far longer than those obtained from jet washing alone, without

damaging your property or harming our environment.

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What's the real cause of your property becoming 'dirty'?

The unsightly red, green, yellow or black staining on the exterior surfaces of your

property is most likely due to colonisation by micro-organisms such as algae, lichen,

fungus, moss or mould.

This can be a serious problem, which could well be detrimental to the structure of

your property as well as just looking terrible.

Fortunately, modern softwashing systems using Biocide cleaning products can keep

your property permanently clean all year around!

How long will your property stay clean after a soft wash



Self-draining surfaces like rendered walls and roofs will usually stay clean for 2-3

years before they require another treatment.

Horizontal surfaces like patios, decking, drives and footpaths do not drain so easily,

stay damp longer, and so regrowth of algae, lichen, fungus, moss and mould

happens more rapidly. These areas will usually require an annual or biannual

treatment to keep the growth of microbiological organisms under control and your

property looking permanently great all year round.

Quick tip: The annual cost of our affordable ongoing maintenance treatments is

much less than irregular jet (aka pressure or power) washing.

In addition, softwashing will not damage your property – unlike high pressure jet

washing – and the results last far longer.


Pikeman Cleaning South East offer professional soft washing for hotels, factories, offices,

warehouses, schools, community centres and private properties in the South East.

What is the Difference Between Softwashing and Jet Washing?

Many customers wonder what the difference is between softwashing and jet washing

(aka pressure washing or power washing).

The modern, technologically advanced, process of softwashing reduces, and even

eliminates, the need for jet – or pressure/power – washing in most situations.

Softwashing is the process of using eco-friendly chemicals and low-pressure water to

clean the surfaces of buildings and driveways.

Soft washing will not damage your property. Its effectiveness depends upon the cleaning

contractor having the skilled knowledge of how to use the correct cleaning product at the

correct concentration ratio and using the correct equipment.

We are trained professional softwash technicians, giving you

peace of mind that your property is in good hands.

High pressure jet washing aka power washing

Is a way to get immediate results that look good – but only for a short time.


Can be damaging to the protective surface layer of the material being

cleaned, even concrete.

Can be damaging to wall render, which is a relatively soft material.


Can be damaging to certain more delicate building materials often used for

patios and paths, such as Indian Sandstone.


It is the best solution for cleaning exterior wall render, natural and artificial

slate roofs, concrete slate roofs, paths & patios, tarmac driveways, wood

decking, sheds and fences, and children’s wet-pour play areas.


Is a cleaning method that produces fast, predictable results without harming

your property. Results that can last for years.



Is a cost-effective way to bring walls, roofs, drives, pathways and patios back

to their former glory. Once clean, a light annual / semi-annual softwash

treatment will keep your property looking great all year round.




Softwashing has many other advantages over jet washing

Longer lasting results

Uses less water

Is more cost-effective

Is safe for all known building materials

Does not damage the surface being cleaned or exaggerate the weathering


Kills the spores left behind by jet washing


For long-term maintenance of the exterior surfaces of your property – ensuring it looks

great all year round – annual or biannual treatment with a Benz Softwash product is by

far the safest and most cost-effective option

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Pressure washing of all suitable surfaces for immediate results using industrial 

professional equipment. This can be followed by an application of biocide treatment

to prolong the life of the clean. We prefer to offer softwashing instead of pressure

washing. However, should there be justification for pressure washing and should the

substrate be suitable, we do offer the service.

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